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A-Line Iron and Metals is a privately owned company that is greatly dedicated to our community. We pride ourselves on our ability to give the best service to our customers as well as the ability to give back to our community, making it a better place to live.

Due to our access to man power and the right equipment, we have been able to give back to the community in many ways. "Picking up the Pieces" was a community service project that A-Line Iron and Metals spearheaded in Parkersburg, Iowa after the 2008 tornado. We arrived in town shortly after the disaster and assisted many homeowners clean up. We also provided a city drop site for all the scrap metal. This salvaged material brought in $35,000.00 and these dollars were delivered back to the people of Parkersburg.

In another project, A-Line Iron and Metals provided Immanuel Lutheran School in Waterloo a way to raise funds for the school. Over $20,000.00 were raised from the combined efforts of A-Line Iron and Metals and the surrounding communities. A-Line Iron and Metals is proud to have taken part in the past community projects and plans on carrying on this tradition of service long into the future.

2010 A-Line Iron & Metals Scrap Metal Drives

Community Lutheran Schools

Community Lutheran School had their first scrap drive in 2009 to raise money for scholarships and supplies. Seeing that there is a great deal of support from the community they decided to continue in 2010 having two scrap drive dates, one in the spring and one in the fall. They combined for a total of 181,399 pounds of scrap metal and earned $10,605.

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Rolling Thunder POW/MIA

Members of Rolling Thunder, a veterans group that serves as a tribute and reminder through the thunder of their motorcycles to prisoner of war and comrades that are missing in action wanted to build a memorial. Their goal was to raise $15,000 to purchase the memorial stone and place it at Veterans Memorial Hall in Waterloo, IA. Through their hard work Rolling Thunder volunteers were able to collect over 150,000 pounds of scrap metal Raising the money needed to build the memorial. The materials have been ordered and the construction will begin in the spring of 2011.

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St Paul's Lutheran School Waverly, IA

St. Paul's Lutheran School's "Tons of Scrap for Scholars" was very successful because of great support from the local business and farming community. A-Line spotted several containers at business sites and on farms. Their scrap metal drive collected over 127,239 pounds and earned over $7,700.

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Fairbank Iowa Community Club

The Fairbank Community Club embarked on a substantial project to restore an island in the Cedar River, which runs through Fairbank, so it can be enjoyed by everyone. They called A-Line and asked about having a scrap drive. Prior to their drive A-Line spotted containers at local businesses and farms that had large amounts of scrap to donate. On August 28th they had a drive that brought in over 100,000 pounds of scrap metal and earned $5,153.

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Heartland Vineyard Church

When Heartland Vineyard Church decided to have a scrap drive they wanted to get the word out and work with the community. Teens from small groups, using specially made door hangers, placed hundreds of hangers in neighborhoods around Cedar Falls. Having three weekend drives, Heartland Vineyard volunteers collected 89,640 pounds of scrap metal and earned $4,681.00.

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Harvest Church

Pastor Rod Ankrom was offered an opportunity to have a scrap metal drive while at a local business. A couple of days later he called to set a date. Harvest Church members wanted to build an addition to the church and felt a scrap metal drive would add some additional funding to meet their goals. On May 22nd Harvest Church started their drive at 8 AM and before 9 AM had 4, 30yard roll off containers full. By the end of the day they had filled 7 roll off containers and three semi-trailers, collected 121,856 pounds of metal and earned close to $6,000. Included in that total are over 10 tons of appliances.

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St. Paul's United Methodist Church La Porte City Iowa

St Paul's UMC heard through the grapevine that some of their friends were having these scrap drives and that they were pretty successful. So they thought they would try one. Although a couple of roll off containers were spotted during the week, most of their 115,780 pounds of scrap arrived that day in the church parking lot. Fortunately they were prepared and had the proper equipment to load the metals. Partnering with A-Line to have a scrap drive brought a great deal of experience allowing things to go smoothly as St. Paul's UMC earned over $5.750.

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Knights of Pythias

Knights of Pythias representative Joe Smith works for A-Line Iron & Metals, and knowing the value of collecting scrap metal, Joe spearheaded the scrap drive at the KofP which will go to help underprivileged children that have high academic achievements in school. Their drive collected 39,420 pounds of metals and earned $1,971.

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UNI Green Iowa AmeriCorps

This small group of environmental conscious college students saw the banners for other scrap drives and stopped in here at A-Line one day and asked if they could have a scrap drive. They set there drive date and did an article in the local newspapers. The money raised from the scrap drive was going to benefit the Green Iowa AmeriCorps projects such as insulating homes for people that would not be able to afford the insulation and the installing costs. The drive collected 11,520 pounds of metals and earned $567.

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Moose Lodge 1101

The Moose Lodge inquired about having a scrap drive. Due to shrinking membership they wanted to have a drive that would bring awareness to their organization. Their scrap drive on August 11 collected 7,290 pounds of metals and earned $396.

Valley Lutheran Middle and High School

Valley Lutheran Middle and High School partnered with A-Line to raise money for scholarships. Many children come from the surrounding Lutheran grade schools that have had scrap drives this summer. VLS had three drive weekends that netted 42,470 pounds of scrap metals and earned $2,927.

Immanuel Lutheran School

At the suggestion of A-Line Iron & Metals President Kyle Stone, to shore up budgetary concerns at ILS, ILS had their first scrap metal fundraiser over a seven month period during the summer of 2009. The ILS 2009 Scrap drives earned almost $20,000. With this success in mind ILS scheduled another drive for 2010. Although the numbers are less than 2009 they still found success. This year ILS collected over 90,000 pounds of scrap metal and earned $4,999.

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New Hampton IA, Lions Club

The New Hampton Lions held a scrap drive this fall where they collected almost 100,000 pounds of scrap metal and raised close to $5,000 to go to their projects. The humanitarian work of Lions makes a great impact in their local communities, as well as around the world. Through LCIF, Lions give sight, support youth, provide disaster relief and combat disability.

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